CDC Announces Changes To COVID-19 Guidelines

CDC Announces It’s Relaxing COVID-19 Guidelines

CDC Makes STUNNING Move – Big Changes Announced!

( – President Joe Biden and administration health officials have faced mixed responses to their pandemic-related restrictions and guidance. Now, the CDC has decided to streamline its guidelines to reduce the spread and severity of the disease.

On August 11, the CDC issued a press release detailing the changes to its COVID-19 Prevention Actions and what people should do if “they are sick or test positive for the virus.” Greta Massetti, Ph.D., the head of the agency’s Prevention Branch, noted the new guidelines affirm the pandemic isn’t over, but the nation is at a point where COVID-19 “no longer disrupts [Americans’] daily lives.”

Some key changes to the CDC recommendations include:

  • Halting the testing “in most community settings” of asymptomatic people who haven’t been near infected individuals.
  • Replacing quarantining for people exposed to COVID-19 with a recommendation to “wear a high-quality” face mask for 10 days.
  • Reducing the recommended period of isolation for COVID-position individuals to five days, as long as they have been “fever-free for 24 hours” and are starting to feel better.

Massetti acknowledged that the country is better able to protect itself from severe illnesses associated with the coronavirus due to the advancement of tools like vaccines, boosters, and treatment regimens.

As The Hill reported, the new guidance “puts the onus” on Americans to assess their own healthcare needs instead of relying on the government, businesses, and schools to decide for them.

What do you think about the new CDC recommendations?

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