Cartels at the Border Becoming More Violent, Report Says

Cartels at the Border Becoming More Violent, Report Says

( – The crisis from the nation’s southern border continues going from bad to worse. Overwhelming numbers of unaccompanied migrants and refugees are flooding into the US daily. Now, law enforcement officials in Texas are reportedly raising additional concerns.

On June 9, The Washington Examiner reported that Texas sheriffs are speaking out about their concerns regarding increased violence from cartels smuggling migrants across the US-Mexican border.

Victoria County Sheriff Justin Marr said the individuals transporting migrants are an “extremely organized” group of criminals who are “more violent” than they have been in the past.

Marr also said the cartels have no regard for “life, liberty, or property.” They don’t care about the people they transport, local citizens, or the deputies who are trying to arrest them. Jackson County Sheriff A.J. “Andy” Louderback echoed that sentiment and warned that the level of “aggression” of migrant traffickers has increased.

Cartels rely on illegal immigrants to help distribute their drugs throughout the US. Their increased level of violence should send a clear message to the Biden administration to work harder to get the border crisis back under control.

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