Candace Owens Challenged a Facebook Fact-Checker… and Won

Candace Owens Challenged a Facebook Fact-Checker... and Won

( – Facebook continues ramping up its efforts to suppress conservative voices. In 2016, The company started using third-party companies to screen posts for accuracy. Conservative author and commentator Candace Owens decided she had enough of Facebook’s “Left-wing” fact-checkers and fought back.

On November 12, Owens posted a video on her Facebook page discussing the fact Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden was not “legally” the president-elect. PolitiFact, a Left-leaning Facebook partner, censored her post, labeling it as “false.” Knowing she was correct, she got lawyers involved.

Politifact got back with Owens almost immediately, claiming they didn’t know how or why the video got flagged and removed the warning label. Not yet satisfied, Owens pushed back and demanded a retraction.

As a result, PolitiFact replaced the warning label with a correction admitting their error. They also deleted an article on their website fact-checking her video, rating it as false.

Owens’ battle against online censorship has just begun. She currently has a lawsuit pending against fact-checkers from Lead Stories and USA Today. She hopes to set a strong enough precedent to spearhead a class action lawsuit against Facebook to put a permanent end to their censorship efforts.

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