California Homeowners Make Terrifying Discovery

California Homeowners Make Terrifying Discovery

( – Most homeowners require pest removal services at some point. It’s not uncommon to find rodents, termites, and other unwelcome visitors lurking around the house and yard. However, a California homeowner recently made a terrifying discovery and called in a local reptile rescue service for assistance.

After receiving a frantic call from the unnamed homeowner, Al Wolf, the head of Sonoma County’s Reptile Rescue, arrived expecting to find the customary one or two snakes. Instead, he quickly came across far more than he bargained for.

Wolf initially removed 22 fully-grown rattlesnakes and 59 hatchlings from under the house. He returned 2 more times and retrieved 11 more of the frightening pests before giving the all-clear to the rightful inhabitant of the home. According to a Live Science report, California Polytechnic State University herpetologist Emily Taylor noted that it wasn’t normal to see so many snakes in California at low elevations, and especially not living under someone’s house.

Fortunately for Mr. Wolf, most of the snakes were “fairly mellow.” Nevertheless, he said he used a pair of 24-inch snake tongs to remove the unwanted guests.

According to Wolf, the best thing to do when encountering snakes is to keep calm, note their location, quietly retreat, and call animal control or reptile rescue officials for assistance.

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