California Couple Charged in Death of Baby

California Couple Charged in Death of Baby

( – Every now and then, you come across a news report that kicks you in the gut. Such is the story surrounding a California couple recently charged with the death of their baby girl.

On Monday, November 15, Elizabeth Ucman and Brandon Copeland entered not guilty pleas at their formal arraignment hearing in a San Diego, California, courtroom. Ucman, 22, and Copeland, 21, face first-degree murder charges in the death of their infant daughter, Delilah.

Police discovered her body after responding to an emergency call regarding an unresponsive baby at the couple’s residence. First responders performed CPR on Delilah as they transported her to a nearby hospital. Sadly, medical officials pronounced her dead shortly after her arrival.

Ucman’s grandmother, Adrienne Arnett, told reporters the parents shouldn’t have had custody of her great-granddaughter in the first place.

Arnett says Delilah’s aunt initially had legal custody of the newborn after social services workers determined the parents and their apartment weren’t suitable for adequately caring for a child. Unfortunately, child protective services officials later restored Ucman and Copeland’s custody after they cleaned up their residence.

The San Diego Sheriff’s Office is currently detaining the parents without bail, and the court has scheduled a bail hearing for November 22.

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