Bureau of Prisons Under Scrutiny Over Alleged Corruption

Bureau of Prisons Under Scrutiny Over Alleged Corruption

(RepublicanPress.org) – By design, prison life isn’t pleasant. However, as a civilized nation, Americans expect their prison systems to provide a level of care consistent with the constitutional admonition against cruel and unusual punishment. Unfortunately, a new report indicated that the Federal Bureau of Prisons has some serious issues involving alleged corrupt practices by officials.

On Monday, November 14, the Associated Press (AP) released the results of a lengthy investigation into the country’s federal prison system. According to the AP, the Federal Bureau of Prisons has become a hotbed for criminal behavior perpetrated by federal employees.

For example, investigators uncovered a case involving a prison worker in Mississippi hired to probe alleged misconduct on the part of fellow staff members. As it turned out, the official conducted many of those inquiries while facing criminal charges himself involving his alleged stalking and harassment of other prison officials.

The Record Speaks for Itself

The AP investigation unearthed some mind-blowing statistics regarding federal prison workers. According to its findings, since 2019, more than 100 prison employees have been sentenced, arrested, or convicted for a wide range of crimes.

Prison officials faced arrest and eventual incarceration themselves for crimes including drug and weapons smuggling along with the theft of prison property.

In August 2021, federal agents arrested an associate warden at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, home to Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend and alleged partner, Ghislaine Maxwell. That former warden, Antonia Ashford, currently faces charges for allegedly murdering her husband by shooting him in the face at their New Jersey home.

The following month, law enforcement officials arrested Ray J. Garcia, the warden of a Dublin Federal Correctional Institute in California, for reportedly sexually abusing an inmate. Charging documents allege he groped at least one female prisoner, demanded female inmates strip for him, and collected photos of a naked inmate. He also reportedly threatened an inmate to prevent her from reporting his abusive conduct.

Overall, the AP determined that roughly two-thirds of all criminal cases filed against US Department of Justice (DOJ) employees involved federal prison workers, a stunning claim considering the fact that the Federal Bureau of Prisons only employs not quite a third of the Justice Department’s workforce.

So far, law enforcement officials have arrested 41 Justice Department workers in 2021. Of those, 28 were prison personnel and five worked for the FBI. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) each had two workers arrested.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons told the AP that it conducts background checks and carefully screens all workers. Perhaps, it’s time for them to consider updating their methods for vetting future employees.

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