Bronx Voters Turn On Biden, Pledging Trump Support

( – Donald Trump has extended his campaign efforts to include speaking engagements in Democratic strongholds and other unsympathetic areas for Republicans in hopes of improving his prospects of winning a second term in November. On May 3, the former president held a rally in the South Bronx, one of the nation’s most Democratic counties, and news reports indicated that some voters there said they were turning on Joe Biden and pledging support for Trump.

Fox News host Jesse Watters recently aired interviews with some Bronx residents about their thoughts on Trump’s New York campaign rally and their reasons for leaving the Democratic Party. Watters started by asking John Garland about the atmosphere he encountered while listening to the former president speak in Crotona Park, one of the bluest areas of the South Bronx.

Garland said the rally was exciting: “The entire atmosphere was electrifying.” He continued, saying people came from all over the borough to hear Trump speak. He saw Asians, whites, Hispanics, blacks, and Jews—”a smorgasbord of… patriots.”

Garland explained that he would describe the audience as people who came to express their frustration with systemic racism and exclusion. Garland said, “It’s not just minorities.” The American people are fed up — the “whole spectrum” of people.

Watters asked if anything stood out from the former president’s speech. Garland said the “whole thing” inspired him, “the sum of its parts.” He said New Yorkers were fed up and wanted “something different,” a change from the status quo.

Garland concluded his remarks by declaring his support for Trump. He pointed out that Trump wasn’t the same person he voted against in 2016. “Now he’s experienced,” he said, adding that Bronx residents were “here for him because he is here for us.”

Fox correspondent Alexis McAdams had a similar conversation with Andre Drayton while covering the Bronx rally on the ground. She asked him why he decided to change his vote from blue to red this year.

Drayton said the so-called change promised by Biden was a change for the worse, thanks to Bidenomics and the Democratic Party. He confirmed that he was a lifelong Democrat but now supported Trump. “He just has all the right answers,” he explained, adding that Trump was speaking about the nation’s failed economy, job losses, money flooding out of the country, and immigration.

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