Body Found, Prompting Temporary Boil Water Advisory

Body Found, Prompting Temporary Boil Water Advisory

( – Clean water is essential to all living things, making water processing plants some of the most important businesses in the world. To that end, the City of Rochester in New York touts its ability to provide its citizens with clean water. But despite all the monitoring and daily inspections, a disturbing discovery in the Highland Park Reservoir caused alarm for the town’s residents.

On March 20, the body of an adult man was reportedly discovered in the reservoir during one of the crew’s morning checks. The workers disconnected the body of water from the main public water supply right away and began draining it.

After the discovery, the town shut down nearby schools, and residents were told to boil their water before using it. The City of Rochester also set up a bottled water distribution center to ensure everyone had access to clean water.

The notice said the water quality was continuously monitored and showed that the water was safe and uncompromised by the discovery. Still, given the circumstances, they shut the reservoir down as an extra precautionary measure. Rochester Mayor Malik Evans said, “…our water [quality] was never in question.”

Sadly, the body was that of 29-year-old Abdullahi Muya, a Rochester resident who went missing last month. Police announced that his body had been in the water since February 24. His body remained “well below the surface” in the 15-foot-deep reservoir on the north side.

Security footage revealed Mr. Muya entered the gated area of the reservoir early in the morning in Feb, slid down the side of the reservoir, fell into the water, and lost his life. According to police, there were no other people present at the victim’s time of death, and there does not appear to be any criminal elements at play.

The boil water advisory was lifted early the next day. The process of refilling the reservoir will reportedly take months to complete.

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