Bob Graham Dies Aged 87, Long Time Senate Member And 2 Term Florida Governor

( – When Bob Graham turned 30 in 1966, he began his long political career, starting as a Florida state legislator for the Democratic party. He stayed in that position for over a decade until he launched a gubernatorial bid—he won and served two terms. The accomplished politician then finished off his impressive career by serving in the House. Recently, Graham’s family made a grim announcement.

On April 16, the former lawmaker’s daughter, Gwen Graham, shared a statement from her family announcing that former Governor Bob Graham recently died at his home in Gainesville, Florida. The note said he was a “visionary leader, dedicated public servant,” and a loving family man. Graham’s family said the lawmaker loved the United States and especially the people of Florida who he proudly worked alongside.

The former politician wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, working in construction, farming, and hospitality positions with his fellow Floridians. The announcement said he made “wonderful friendships” that not only changed his political approach but his “perspective on Florida.”

As for Graham’s political aspirations, the former lawmaker didn’t fall far from the tree. His father, former Florida State Senator Ernest Graham (D). After he retired from Congress, Bob Graham spent time urging the Florida legislature to add more civics classes to Florida public schools to encourage a more informed and educated public.

Graham’s most recent public political position was in 2010 when former President Barack Obama asked him to co-lead a national commission to examine the BP oil spill and help determine how to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Setting aside his political career, including his short bid for the White House in 2002/2003, Graham mostly loved spending time as a dedicated “husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather.” He loved spending time with his grandkids, who playfully nicknamed him “Doodle.”

Graham is survived by his wife, Adele, their 4 daughters, and 10 grandchildren.

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