Big Star Joins Pro-Putin Political Party

Big Star Joins Pro-Putin Political Party

( – One never knows what to expect out of Hollywood. Typically a minefield of lefty liberals, a few conservative actors and filmmakers have risen to prominence there over the years. Actor and martial artist Steven Seagal is a Trump supporter and has been a strong conservative voice for years.

A pro-Putin alliance called “Just Russia – Patriots – For Truth” released video footage of Seagal being inducted into their organization at a ceremony hosted on Saturday, May 29. The party was created earlier this year as a result of the merger of three pro-Putin parties.

An American citizen by birth, Seagal received Russian and Serbian citizenship in 2016. In 2018 the Russian Foreign Ministry appointed him to serve as Russia’s special envoy to the US.

Seagal’s interest in the party remains unclear. He is a longtime supporter of environmental issues and used the event to discuss the need for a crackdown on businesses that harm the environment.

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