Biden’s Internet Connectivity Plans Could Be in Jeopardy

Biden's Internet Connectivity Plans Could Be in Jeopardy

( – In days of yore, Republican candidates for political office promised “a chicken for every pot” and “a car in every backyard.” President Joe Biden co-opted those slogans, promising speedy internet for every home. However, it appears his ability to make good on that vow could be in jeopardy.

Curiously, the problem doesn’t appear to be related to funding. States and local governments have already put $10 billion in pandemic relief money toward providing broadband internet to underserved communities. The bipartisan infrastructure plan recently signed into law by Biden tops that off with an additional $42 billion in funding.

As it turns out, a lack of proper planning could end up derailing the “broadband gold rush of 2021,” as one media outlet put it.

As POLITICO recently reported, the successful administration of Biden’s internet plan relies on accurate broadband mapping methods provided by the federal government. Unfortunately, POLITICO reports that the existing maps “dramatically overstate existing coverage,” which leads to an inaccurate assessment of where internet dead zones exist.

In short, without accurate maps, local and state-level leaders have no idea where to invest hard-earned tax dollars to expand broadband internet service. Some people will likely end up getting left out, while funds get wasted in other areas already providing adequate service to their residents.

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