Biden Administration Dodges Questions About Green Jobs For Fossil Fuel Workers

Biden's White House Has No Answer on Rescuing Workers Biden Fired

( – President Joe Biden campaigned on a promise of creating “millions of good-paying jobs” necessary to deliver “clean energy.” He made it a priority on his first day in office. However, three weeks into his administration, White House officials remain mute on when they plan on delivering “green jobs” to workers formerly employed in the nation’s energy sector.

Fox News contributor Peter Doocy cornered White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. Specifically, he asked about the impact of Biden’s executive order revoking the 2019 permit for construction and operation of the Keystone XL pipeline during her daily briefing on Monday, February 8.

He asked when the Biden administration will let the “thousands” of workers currently out of a job because of his executive order know where to go for their new “green job.” Those people “need money now,” and it’s already been 19 days since Biden revoked the pipeline’s permit.

Psaki initially dodged the question entirely, challenging Doocy to present his data showing that thousands of people won’t be getting a new green job the next time he visited the White House. She then went on to explain that Biden would be creating a plan for jobs, but only said that it would be in the “weeks or months following” without providing a solid time frame.

Is there some reason the Biden administration expects Fox News to provide employment projections? Inquiring minds want to know.

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