Biden To Revoke Afghanistan’s Status as an Ally

Biden To Revoke Afghanistan’s Status as an Ally

Biden NOTIFIES Congress – Status Change Incoming!

( – In 2012, former President Barack Obama designated Afghanistan as a “Major Non-NATO Ally” (MNNA) to assist the US in providing military support to the country. On January 6, President Joe Biden wrote a letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) outlining his intent to rescind that status. However, he did not put a timeline on the measure.

The United States no longer supports the country’s military. The Taliban took over Afghanistan nearly a year ago when the US and its allies left the region.

Although the president seems likely to remove the country’s MNNA status, America and the rest of NATO have not been giving any military aid since the bungled withdrawal in August 2021. However, some humanitarian aid has been going into the country over the past year. There are still Afghans within the country who assisted the United States in its war on terror who are now stranded under extremists’ rule.

During evacuations in 2021, troops flew over 123,000 civilians out of the country and 13 US soldiers were killed in the process.

There’s no word on whether any humanitarian aid will continue in Afghanistan going forward.

Do you think Biden’s decision to revoke Afghanistan’s status as an ally is overdue?

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