Biden to Crack Down on Guns With Executive Action

Biden to Crack Down On Gun Control With Executive Action

( – Predictably, Democrats have been calling for new gun control measures since the shootings in Georgia and Colorado left 18 dead. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed that President Joe Biden intends to take matters into his own hands through executive action.

Psaki responded with a simple “yes” when asked by a reporter whether President Biden would issue any executive orders regarding “gun measures” during a press briefing on March 26.

Asked about a potential time frame, Psaki responded she couldn’t provide one due in part to a mandatory review process. However, she ominously reminded reporters that Biden spearheaded 23 executive actions to “combat gun violence” when serving in former President Barack Obama’s administration.

Democrats are already pushing for the passage of two background check bills and an assault weapon ban in Congress. However, it appears that Biden can’t delay his assault on the Second Amendment long enough for Congress to consider them.

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