Biden Slammed After Pride Month Post

( – Joe Biden proudly supports Pride Month, or as he put in in a recent White House post, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex Pride Month. His proclamation recognizing June as a month of celebration recognition for the LGBTQI+ community called on Americans to recognize the achievements of that group and to “wave their flags of pride high.” The president also posted statements on his social media sites, sparking an outpouring of negative responses.

Biden posted an image on his Instagram account displaying a rainbow radiant background and “Happy Pride Month.” Five other images accompanied that image bearing the text of his Pride Month proclamation — as detailed on the White House website.

Inclusive in the proclamation was a passage vowing the Biden administration would protect the LBGTQI+ community from “discrimination when accessing healthcare.” The statement also offered support for “families across the country” who decided to relocate “to protect their children” from laws targeting them, criminalizing doctors and nurses.

Additionally, the post affirmed Biden’s belief that families had the right to make their own medical decisions and raise their children without fear of risking their lives, safety, and dignity.

Predictably, Biden’s Pride Month message received scores of responses from other Instagram users — some supportive and others slamming him. For instance, several comments asked about the availability of a “dislike button.” Others showed support for former President Donald Trump.

Some of the comments discussed some of the ramifications of the rise of the LGBTQI+ community. One user listed several grievances, such as children being subjected to drag queen story hour programs and calls for mandatory use of pronouns, such as “boys winning girls’ medals.”

Likewise, one user wrote that he “never knew God took puberty blockers.” Several users also questioned modern medical practices and posted statements calling for an end to certain procedures. “Stop mutilating children,” one comment read.

Several posts included statements supporting the president’s post and proclaiming their support for Pride Month, the LGBTQI+ community, and people picking their own pronouns.

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