Biden Sets Challenge Demanding 2 Live Debates With Trump

( – After much talk from Donald Trump about Joe Biden’s assumed reluctance to debate, the president recently indicated he was open to the idea. At that point, a date had not been set — but that is now changed as the election season heats up with the official Democrat and Republican nominations just around the corner.

On May 15, Biden posted a video taunting Trump about debates the president said the former US leader lost in 2020, adding that Trump neglected to show up after that. The US leader said he heard the presumptive GOP nominee wanted to debate again. He agreed to do so, stating, “Well, make my day pal. I’ll even do it twice.”

The president then added, “I hear you’re free on Wednesdays,” referencing the one day a week that Trump is not sitting inside a courtroom for his criminal trial. The former president swiftly agreed to the challenge.

CNN stated it would host one debate on June 27, and ABC is slated to host the second one on September 10. The two spent Trump’s day off from court taunting each other on social media before settling in on the two-debate schedule.

The former president also proposed a third debate on October 2 hosted by Fox News, but the Biden campaign disagreed. The set-up did not match the parameters his campaign established for a match-up.

Biden’s campaign chairman, Jen O’Malley Dillon, said that Biden “made his terms clear” for only “two one-on-one debates” — terms Trump accepted. Dillon said Biden doesn’t want any more “games,” “chaos,” or “debate[s] about debates” now that everything is set.

The head-to-head is happening relatively early in the election cycle, a strategy the Biden campaign reportedly hopes will energize his base. The second debate will occur just before early voting begins for the election — a method of voting Democrats seem to favor.

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