Biden Rejects Trump Plan to Honor Historical Figures

Biden Rejects Trump Plan to Honor Historical Figures

( – The recent rise of so-called “Woke America” and “Cancel Culture” led to the destruction of statues of Christopher Columbus, Thomas Jefferson, and leading figures from America’s Civil War. Former President Donald Trump responded by issuing a couple of executive orders to create a National Garden of American Heroes featuring monuments to “historically significant Americans” like Ronald Reagan and Frederick Douglas. It looks like Trump’s plan won’t come to fruition.

On Friday, May 14, President Joe Biden issued an executive order canceling Trump’s action. Sadly, this isn’t anything new. Biden began taking a bulldozer to Trump’s executive actions his first day in office.

Biden’s order canceling the National Garden adds to the ongoing debate about which historical figures should be memorialized. Perhaps instead of destroying monuments, the country can work to raise public awareness concerning the good and bad associated with certain important figures.

Biden’s executive order also revoked Trump’s order “Preventing Online Censorship” by big tech companies. Coincidentally, he released it roughly a week after Facebook’s Oversight Board upheld Trump’s suspension.

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