Biden Orders Release of Unmarried Migrants From Over 100 Countries

( – According to reports, San Diego has become a top crossing spot for migrants wanting to enter the United States. In April, over 37,000 people reportedly crossed the border in that region illegally to claim asylum. That number surpassed Texas’ busiest border spot in the state — El Paso — by about 7,000. Recently, Fox News reportedly obtained an internal memo with special instructions for the San Diego sector.

On June 9, the reporting outlet stated that the Washington Examiner’s Anna Giaritelli first revealed the contents of the memo. She stated it instructed agents to give all single adults from the Eastern Hemisphere Notices to Appear or to release them on their own recognizance. However, the memo noted a few countries that were exempt from the rule — Russia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.

After the news broke, a senior Border Patrol official told Bill Melugin from Fox News that the instruction was localized specifically to that area because of the migrants encountered there. He said the migrants aren’t eligible for asylum, even if they are released, and the notice was not for the entire southern border, just San Diego. The countries covered in the memo aren’t cooperative in taking their citizens back, making deportation difficult. However, the Department of Homeland Security said it was working with countries in the Eastern Hemisphere to encourage cooperation.

A US Customs and Border Protection official told the Washington Examiner that the Biden administration sent for repatriation flights to the Eastern Hemisphere than anywhere else. The person said DHS sent 36 of those flights out during just the first week of June.

On June 4, President Joe Biden issued an executive order temporarily suspending any migrants illegally crossing the border from seeking asylum, speeding up the immigration case process, strengthening the screening process, and addressing human and drug trafficking at the border. The impact of the order remains to be seen.

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