Biden Makes Stunning Profane Remark at Press Gathering

Biden Makes Profane Remark at Reporter During Press Conference

( – Predictably, President Joe Biden’s effort to rebrand after the conclusion of his first year in office hit the media with a resounding thud. He managed to set off a firestorm on day 365 of his presidency during a press conference when critics panned him for what they believed was giving Russian President Vladimir Putin a blank check regarding Ukraine as long as his military forces limited themselves to a “minor incursion.” His administration was forced to scramble to clean up that mess. Then, just days later, a hot microphone captured Biden muttering a profane insult about a White House pool reporter.

On January 24, Biden made a few brief remarks during a photo-op held in the White House’s East Room. Towards the end of the gathering, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked the president if he considered the country’s rising inflation rate a liability with the midterm elections looming around the corner.

Biden sarcastically remarked, “no, it’s a great asset… more inflation.” Then, the hammer dropped. The president followed up by calling Doocy a “stupid son-of-a-[expletive]”

Did he mutter those words under his breath? Nope, he said them in his normal speaking voice with his head held high. Adding insult to injury, the White House included the president’s insult in the official transcript of the event.

Doocy told Sean Hannity later that the president called him to say his insult wasn’t personal. The journalist said after a brief conversation with Biden, they decided to move forward.

How do you feel about what the president said?

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