Biden Makes Shocking Gaffe By Announcing Hamas Captive as White House Guest

( – Joe Biden and his supporters continue their efforts to paint Donald Trump in a negative light, particularly regarding claims the former president is suffering from mental decline. Similarly, MAGA fans and conservative media organizations analyze every word of Biden’s speeches and interactions with others, frequently finding incidents of false statements and gaffes. The president recently made a shocking gaffe while delivering a White House speech.

On May 20, Biden and Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff delivered remarks at a Jewish American Heritage Month celebration at the White House Rose Garden. The president told attendees that his administration continued its around-the-clock efforts to free the remaining hostage being held by the Islamist Sunni group Hamas in the Gaza Strip. He also noted that their efforts had resulted in the release of several individuals.

Biden acknowledged the presence of one of those freed hostages at the event. “Here with us today is Hersh Goldberg-Polin.” The 81-year-old president struggled with his words for a couple of seconds before correcting himself. “He is not here with us… he’s still being held by Hamas,” Biden explained.

Biden asked Goldberg-Polin’s parents, Rachel Goldberg and Jonathan Polin, to stand. The president praised their “love, strength, and compassion” and said their response to their son’s capture inspired the world.

The president also pledged to “not rest” until his administration brought their loved one home. Speaking in broader terms about all the American hostages held in Gaza, Biden said, “We have to bring them home.”

Media outlets covering Biden’s gaffe reported that Goldberg-Polin is one of five known Americans still being held after Hamas captured them in Southern Israel during the terrorist group’s initial land, sea, and air invasion on October 7. Goldberg-Polin has dual citizenship in the US and Israel.

Other hostages being held by Hamas include 22-year-old New Yorker Omer Neutra and New Jersey native Edan Alexander, 20. Both men were serving in the Israel Defense Forces at the time of their capture.

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