Biden Indicates He’s Not Ready To Launch 2024 Campaign

Biden Indicates He's Not Ready To Launch 2024 Campaign

( – President Joe Biden’s approval rating reached its highest level since March 2022, with 46% of registered voters saying they approved of the job he’s doing, according to the latest NPR/PBS “NewsHour”/Marist poll. Likewise, Emerson College polling recently released a survey showing that 71% of Democratic primary/caucus voters say Biden should carry the party’s banner in the upcoming 2024 election, representing an increase of 13% over last month’s poll. Nevertheless, Biden says he isn’t ready to launch his just campaign yet.

Biden sat down for an exclusive interview with ABC News anchor David Muir on Friday, February 24. The president confirmed his intention “from the beginning” has been to run for a second term. However, he hinted that it might be a while before he announces his candidacy. Likewise, he said he had “too many other things” to attend to in the “near term” to launch his campaign.

That revelation won’t be a surprise to some politicos and journalists who have been discussing Biden’s assumed entry into the race. For instance, NBC News correspondent Peter Alexander recently predicted the president would employ a campaign strategy similar to one used by his predecessor in his successful bid for a second term.

Alexander explained that former President Barack Obama waited until April 2011 to announce his candidacy and didn’t hit the campaign trail in earnest until roughly 13 months later, in May 2012. If Biden follows what Alexander calls the “Obama model,” he may not announce his reelection bid until sometime in the spring and will hold off campaigning until 2024.

Other news agencies say Biden’s 2024 playback will likely resemble the one he used for the 2020 campaign. For instance, The New York Times recently reported that interviews with White House officials, outside advisers, and Democratic strategists indicated the Biden campaign plans to frame the election as a contest between a “seasoned,” “mature,” career politician and an “ideologically driven, conspiracy-minded” opponent. According to The NY Times, that’s the plan regardless of whether Trump or some other aspiring Republican secures the party’s nomination.

However things pan out, one thing will likely be different this time. The nation isn’t expected to be in lockdown, meaning voters can expect Biden to spend more time on the campaign trail during the 2024 election cycle than he did in 2020, provided he decides to run.

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