Biden Hands Over Keys to Country in Startling EO

Biden Hands Over Keys to Country in Startling EO

( – There’s some confusion regarding executive actions and executive orders these days, understandably so in the wake of Joe Biden’s exhaustive abuse of presidential powers. Here’s the deal — Article II of the Constitution grants presidents the power to issue executive actions. Various orders fall under that heading, including executive orders, presidential directives, memoranda, and proclamations.

Executive orders carry the most weight. Basically, they are documents ordering executive branch officials to initiate or end a particular action. For example, Joe Biden issued an executive order allowing transgender individuals to serve in the nation’s armed services, overturning Donald Trump’s order banning them from military service.

Joe Biden signed 29 executive orders his first 16 days in office, nearly matching Franklin Roosevelt’s record for his entire first month in office. Biden also signed an additional 21 actions for a total of 50. Many of his orders dealt with immigration.

Biden Hands the Keys of the Country Over to Immigrants

On his first day in office, Biden signed five executive actions regarding immigration, all but opening the borders to immigrants at endangering law-abiding citizens.

Biden has issued:

  1. An Executive Order revoking an earlier one signed by Trump barring “sanctuary” cities from receiving any Federal grants.
  2. A Presidential Memorandum lengthening the time Liberian refugees granted Temporary Protected Status could stay in the United States, overturning a presidential order from Trump.
  3. A Presidential Memorandum preserving and strengthening the provision of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which offers limited protections for immigrants who entered the United States as children. However, unlike the Dreamer Act, it does not provide a pathway to citizenship.
  4. A Presidential Proclamation terminating Trump’s emergency order regarding the nation’s southern border and redirected funds for the border wall, effectively ending any future construction in the absence of a new order or Congressional action.
  5. A Presidential Proclamation overturning one of Trump’s executive orders and three presidential proclamations intended to keep the nation safe from the unlawful entry of suspected terrorists from Muslim countries.

Since that day, he has signed even more. While it’s not uncommon for incoming presidents to want to put their mark on policy through executive actions, the sheer volume and weight of Biden’s actions are stunning as well as unprecedented. His five actions on immigration do little more than undermine homeland security.

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