Biden Fires Trump Appointee

Biden Fires Trump Appointee

( – Incoming presidents like to put their mark on the executive branch, and the sooner, the better in most instances. President Joe Biden is no exception to that rule. He issued 15 executive orders his first day in office, reversing former President Donald Trump’s policies on a range of subjects. Biden also set upon the task of swiftly removing Trump appointees, regardless of protocols.

On Friday, July 9, Biden fired Andrew Saul, Trump’s appointee to serve as the head of the Social Security Administration (SSA) after he refused to resign. The SSA director doesn’t normally change from one administration to another, and Saul’s six-year term was supposed to run until January 2025.

As one might expect, Republicans are outraged by Biden’s decision to oust Saul early. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) slammed Biden’s decision, stating “there was no reasonable justification” for his removal.

Both Grassley and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) pointed out that the Senate confirmed Saul’s nomination by a wide, bipartisan margin. In fact, the Senate approved the nomination 77 to 16, an overwhelming majority for a Senate that remains deadlocked on far too many issues.

Saul told reporters he planned to work remotely from his home in an apparent challenge to his Friday termination. White House officials declined to answer reporters’ questions about Saul’s plan to report to work.

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