Biden Finally Agrees To Trump Debate, Dems Panicking Over Potential Disaster After Recent Gaffes

( – President Joe Biden recently sat for an interview with shock jock Howard Stern on his radio show. Their conversation ran the gamut of topics from his campaign and politics to the untimely and tragic deaths of his first wife and little girl all those years ago. Stern also asked Biden if he was planning to debate former President Donald Trump, as they are both the presumptive nominees for the upcoming presidential election — and he got an answer.

Biden told Stern he was “happy to debate” the former president, but he didn’t know when. Trump immediately responded to the president’s words on his social media platform, stating he was ready to “set it up right now.”

RNC Research lamented that Biden’s “handlers must be furious” with the president for agreeing to a debate. While Trump has been egging Biden on for a while, trying to get him to debate, the president previously was vague about whether that would happen before the election. At one point, he said it “depends on [Trump’s] behavior.”

The Biden campaign didn’t make a public comment about the debate issue following Biden’s interview with Stern. Before the president’s recent revelation, his campaign didn’t seem in any hurry to organize a head-to-head on the debate stage. A source familiar with how Biden’s campaign thinks said the group doesn’t think debates play a major factor in the outcome of elections but are just one piece of the puzzle.

However, other political strategists believe debates still matter. Veteran debate coach Brett O’Donnell said they are “important in this election,” but another longtime GOP debate coach disagrees. Mari Will said she would discourage Trump and Biden from going head-to-head, stating there’s no reason for it because voters have largely “made up their minds” about who they will vote for in November. A debate at this point would come with too much risk.

Whether a debate will happen between the two candidates remains to be seen.

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