Biden Fact-Check NIGHTMARE – A Complete Disgrace!

Biden Earns

Biden Gets a “Bottomless Pinocchio” From WaPo

( – In December 2018, The Washington Post created a new rating — the Bottomless Pinocchio. The category is for politicians who “repeat a false claim” so often that it essentially becomes a campaign of “disinformation.” In order to procure the rating, the information must receive a level three or four Pinocchio mark a minimum of 20 times.

On November 7, the outlet bestowed the Bottomless Pinocchio on President Joe Biden for a remark he has repeatedly made about traveling with the president of China. The paper then included a roundup of other false or misleading claims he has made.

The statement that earned the POTUS his first “Bottomless Pinocchio” was made at a November 3 event in San Diego. Biden repeated the claim that he has traveled 17,000 miles with China’s President Xi Jinping. The fact-check stated the president is “fond of this bogus statistic” and repeats it often.

The WaPo also included remarks he made regarding gas prices. The president placed fuel at $5 per gallon when he took office, but it was actually between $2 and $3 at the time, according to the Energy Information Administration. Additionally, the paper pointed out another statement he has made in recent weeks about Social Security, claiming they are getting an increase in payments under his presidency. Biden failed to mention seniors receive a boost in Social Security to keep up with inflation. Finally, he described the student loan forgiveness program as a law, implying the participation of Congress when the legislative body wasn’t at all involved.

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