Biden Attorney, WH Counsel Pushed Back on Parts of Classified Documents Report Ahead of Release

Biden Attorney, WH Counsel Pushed Back on Parts of Classified Documents Report Ahead of Release

( – Special Counsel Robert Hur recently released his report following the investigation into President Joe Biden’s (D) handling of classified documents. He found that no criminal charges were warranted even if Biden wasn’t a sitting president. The attorney said he didn’t believe a jury would find the president guilty beyond a reasonable doubt based on the information uncovered during the investigation.

On February 7, White House Counsel Edward Siskel and Biden’s personal attorney, Bob Bauer, wrote a letter to US Attorney General Merrick Garland. Siskel and Bauer explained they sent a letter days before directly to Hur objecting to certain parts of his draft. The attorneys claimed those particular sections violated the DOJ’s “policy and practice by pejoratively characterizing uncharged conduct.”

The attorneys said they objected to the way Hur presented the president’s retention of personal diaries, a practice he claimed was done by past presidents without issue. The second issue pertained to Hur’s description of Biden’s memory, stating the inclusion had “no law enforcement purpose.”

The letter also said Hur’s mention of Biden’s memory was unnecessarily excessive and accused the special counsel of contradicting himself on that very issue within the report — at points even praising the US leader’s “memory and clear state of mind.” Both the letters to Hur and Garland were sent before Hur released his report.

The day after White House counsel and Biden’s personal lawyer sent their letter to Garland, Associate Deputy Attorney General Bradley Weinsheimer replied on behalf of the AG. He claimed Hur didn’t break any DOJ regulations in his report and that a copy would go to Congress and the public, as per department policy.

Weinsheimer explained that the language Hur used was not “gratuitous” or “prejudicial” because it wasn’t meant to “criticize or demean the president.” Instead, the lawyer explained, Hur used the language to explain his own conclusions about Biden’s “state of mind in possessing and retaining classified information.”

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