Biden Administration Restricts Border Surge Transparency, Report Says

Biden Administration Restricts Border Surge Transparency

( – President Joe Biden’s intention to dismantle Donald Trump’s immigration policy is no secret. He started issuing orders to reopen the nation’s southern border on his first day in office. However, the Biden administration is now reportedly trying to keep other secrets.

The administration is allegedly restricting the information that Border Patrol agents and sector chiefs can share with members of the media.

On March 17, NBC News reported that the directives handed down were verbal, leaving behind no written record. Officials say the restrictions are the equivalent of a “gag order.”

According to the report, Border Patrol officials said they were told to refer any questions from the media to the agency’s press office in Washington for approval. They were also told to turn down any requests for “ride-alongs” from members of the press.

As the above tweet says, one can only imagine what would have happened had Trump imposed a similar media blackout at the border.

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