Biden Admin Officials Need Permission Before Attending International Energy Engagement

Biden Issues New Guidance Targeting Fossil Fuels

( – During his first year in office, President Joe Biden made it clear where he stands on America’s movement toward clean energy. In December 2021, he signed an executive order directing his administration to work on achieving carbon pollution-free electricity, zero-emission vehicle acquisitions, a buy-clean policy, a reduced emissions building portfolio, and net-zero emissions from federal operations — all at future dates.

On October 2, Fox News revealed the outlet obtained a memo showing just how serious the administration is on this effort. The Department of Energy missive was an internal memo to agency staff revealing guidance from the White House National Security Council (NSC) about traveling for international energy engagements. The memo read that senior administration officials were prohibited from traveling to international meetings that promoted carbon-based fuels.

According to an exclusive from Fox News Digital, Deputy Secretary of Energy David Turk wrote the memo restricting travel, stating that officials who wanted to participate in any energy engagements beyond US borders had to seek permission first. The communication made it clear that departments were to lean toward “clean energy projects” and away from ones regarding oil, natural gas, and coal — for instance.

The guidance wasn’t anything new, as it reportedly went into effect in November 2021 — around the same time President Biden and his administration committed the US move toward net zero emissions. Another memo from April 2022 explained how the Energy Department would implement the directive from the NSC. The most recent communication required “departments and agencies” to justify any engagements before attending.

Founder and Executive Director of Power the Future, Daniel Turner, also looked at the memo and provided a statement to Fox News Digital regarding its contents. He warned the administration to stop “treat[ing] the fossil fuels industry as an enemy.” Turner said continuing down the current path would weaken America and make the country “more reliant on China and OPEC.”

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