Biden Admin Issues Warning To Texas

Biden Admin Issues Warning To Texas

( – The Texas Tribune recently reported that the Texas Department of Public Safety took over and blocked off a public park in Eagle Pass. According to the city’s mayor, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed an emergency declaration to take “full control” of the park — over the objections of the mayor and either city officials. On January 14, CBS News reported that three migrants drowned because Border Patrol (BP) agents were allegedly prevented from entering the area, prompting the federal government to make certain demands.

That same day, General Counsel Jonathan E. Meyer wrote a letter to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). It said the seizure of Shelby Park blocked US Border Patrol’s access to about a 2.5-mile stretch of the southern border. Meyer said Texas is stopping DHS from doing its job and accused the state of trying to “regulate the federal government.” Additionally, a White House spokesperson blamed Abbott’s “cruel, inhumane, and dangerous” political stunts for the recent death of a woman and two children near Eagle Pass.

The attorney urged Paxton to “cease and desist any actions” blocking BP from accessing the border. Meyer referenced case law and the US Constitution to justify his demand, claiming Texas’ actions were “clearly unconstitutional.” The missive stated if the state doesn’t remove all barriers from Shelby Park by January 17, DHS will ask the Department of Justice (DOJ) to intervene.

Earlier this month, the DOJ filed a brief with the Supreme Court of Texas, asking the high court to suspend a lower court’s ruling about razor wire placed along some sections of the border. The federal government wants to remove the obstacle to allow BP to conduct its job and rescue migrants who crossed into America. A lower court ruling in December 2023 stopped agents from removing the razor wire fencing.

Paxton has not yet responded publicly to Meyer’s letter.

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