Biden Accuser Pushes Back Against Insulting Comments

Biden Accuser Pushes Back Against Horrific Comments

( – Former Senate staff member Tara Reade hit the headlines last year when she accused Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her in 1993. Biden denied those accusations, and eventually, they fell by the wayside. However, they unexpectedly returned to headlines after the June 2 Democratic primary debate for New York City mayor.

One of the candidates, Scott Stringer, faces similar assault accusations regarding a woman, Jean Kim, who served as a volunteer for him during his time as a New York State assemblyman. She claimed he “inappropriately” pursued a “sexual relationship with her.”

The accusation arose during the debate. When asked if Kim lied about her claims, Stringer brought up Tara Reade’s accusations against Biden as part of an apparent effort to defend himself.

As one might expect, that didn’t sit well with Reade, and she quickly fired back at him on her Twitter account. She called Stringer out by name and demanded he immediately “stop using [her] name” to defend himself. She went on to call his mention of her case “ghoulish” and reminded him that accusations of sexual assault don’t factor into partisan politics.

It’s good to see her standing up for herself, but unfortunate that she found it necessary.

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