Beloved Grease Actress Dies Peacefully Surrounded by Family Aged 72

( – Born in Seattle, Washington, in 1952, Susan Buckner grew up to become a beauty queen, winning the title of Miss Washington in 1971. Afterward, she shifted her focus to acting, getting her first break on “The Dean Martin Show.” Most fans likely know the actress as Sandy’s buddy and fellow cheerleader at Rydel High, Patty Simcox, in “Grease.”

Recently, Buckner’s family confirmed that the actress died peacefully on May 2 in Miami, surrounded by her loved ones. They didn’t specify the cause of death. She was 72 years old. Throughout her career, she appeared on a variety of TV shows and in multiple movies, including “Sonny and Cher,” “The Brady Bunch Variety Hour,” “The Mac Davis Show,” “The Love Boat,” The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries,” and “Police Academy 6: City Under Siege.”

In “Grease,” Buckner’s character was full of school spirit. When out of her uniform, she donned a big poodle skirt, fashionable glasses, and fitted sweaters with her hair just so. During an interview with People for the 20th anniversary of the movie in 1998, the actress talked about how unruly all the characters were while filming. She playfully said they were “so bad,” arriving on set hours late and receiving scoldings for her tardiness. Her kids teased her about being do-gooder Patty Simcox, as Buckner tried to convince them she was “really cool” and “hip.”

In addition to acting and her accomplishments in the beauty world, she was also a dancer and a gymnast. She left the big and little screens in the 80s to raise her family. Still, she ended up passing on her knowledge of acting by directing children’s theater in Florida. Word is that she even put together a “Grease” production for them.

Buckner is survived by her two children, Adam Josephs and Samantha Manfield, four grandchildren, sister, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, and longtime partner, Al.

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