Bank Robbery Fails Due to Poor Handwriting

Bank Robbery Fails Due to Poor Handwriting

( – Images of daring gangsters from the 1930s or rootin’ tootin’ gunslingers from the Wild West come to mind when people talk about bank robbers. Unfortunately, they continue to this day all too often. One recent attempt from a robber who forgot his grade school lessons went about as badly as you’d expect.

In July, British retiree Alan Slattery, 67, received a 6-year sentence for a crime-spree (kind of). An East Sussex, England court jury found him guilty of robbing one bank and attempting to rob two others.

Slattery entered three area banks during a roughly two-week span starting on March 18. He entered the Nationwide Building Society (NBS) branch that day armed with a note demanding all of a teller’s 10 and 20-pound notes. There was just one problem: she couldn’t read his handwriting, and he ended up leaving the bank without success.

On March 26, Slattery entered another NBS branch. Presumably armed with a better-written note, he convinced a bank teller to hand over £2,400 (roughly $3,200). Police investigators were able to identify Slattery using closed-circuit television footage from cameras installed in the bank and local businesses.

A week later, Slattery attempted to rob a NatWest Bank branch. This time, a cashier called his bluff, and he left without any cash. Police officers found him wandering the neighborhood of his last known address, and the rest is history.

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