Bahamas Authorities Identify Americans After Untimely Deaths

Bahamas Authorities Identify Americans After Untimely Deaths

Americans IDENTIFIED – Days After Their Tragic Deaths

( – Three Americans were found dead at the Sandals Emerald Bay Resort in the Bahamas on Friday, May 6. Authorities have now identified the deceased.

On Monday, May 9, NPR reported that officials with the Royal Bahamas Police Force identified 68-year-old Michael Phillips, and his wife, Robbie Phillips, 65, both from Tennessee as the couple who was found dead. Florida resident Vincent Paul Chiarella, 64, also died. Authorities found his wife, Donnis, in the room, as well. She was suffering from an inexplicable illness. Authorities airlifted her to a Bahamian hospital and later transferred her to a hospital in Miami, Florida where she remains in stable condition.

No physical trauma was evident on any of the bodies. However, the Phillips’ bodies both showed signs of convulsions. The couple reportedly visited a medical facility while at the resort the night before they died, after complaining about not feeling well. Autopsies were performed on the bodies on Monday, but no cause of death was revealed.

Austin Chiarella told ABC News on May 8 that his mother remembers waking up and noticing his father slumped over in the bathroom, and she couldn’t move her body to check on him. She shouted for help until someone heard her cries.

The investigation into the deaths is ongoing. A laboratory in Philadelphia is working with Bahamian officials to try to find a cause of death.

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