Baffled Customer Captures Footage of Cow at McDonald’s

Customer Spots Cow in Car at McDonald's Drive-Through

( – It’s not unusual for a person to see a cow if they’re driving through America. But there are places the animal shouldn’t be, like a drive-through.

Reporters at a Milwaukee news station had a great time showing viewers why people call Wisconsin “America’s Dairyland,” thanks to an alert Marshfield woman waiting in line at a McDonald’s drive-through. Jessica Nelson patiently waited her turn to get to the drive-up window when she noticed a window decal of a cow in another car. As it turns out, it wasn’t a decal. It was an actual calf riding the backseat of another car in the drive-through lane.

Initially stunned, Nelson whipped out her cell phone and captured the scene on video, much to the delight of social media users. She posted the clip on her Facebook page, and asked her followers to show others they live in Wisconsin without mentioning the state by name.

Nelson spoke with CBS 58 News shortly after the incident telling them she later found out there were three calves in the backseat of the car. Only one was standing. Later on, she discovered the cows were purchased at a nearby auction. According to the man who bought the cows, he stopped at McDonald’s to grab a bite to eat on his way home.

The brief interview concluded with Nelson saying she would pay more attention to other cars in the future. “Maybe we will see… goats or pigs,” she said.

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