Baby Remains Missing Months After Taliban Takeover

Baby Remains Missing Months After Taliban Takeover

( – The Taliban easily seized control of Afghanistan during the final days of the Biden administration’s withdrawal and evacuation. Sadly, an Afghan baby remains missing nearly three months after his family handed him over to a US soldier.

On August 19, former US embassy worker Mirza Ali Ahmadi and his wife arrived at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport. The couple hoped to escape the war-torn country with their five children. Instead, they encountered a chaotic scene at the airport upon their arrival as Taliban soldiers began forcing hundreds of potential evacuees away from the airport’s gates.

Concerned his fragile two-month-old son might get crushed, Ahmadi handed baby Sohail over a fence to an awaiting US soldier who had called out to the family, offering to assist. Ahmadi assumed at the time that the family would be quickly reunited. According to him, they were only about 16 feet from the airport entrance.

As it turned out, it took the family more than half an hour to work their way to the entrance, and to their horror, they could not locate Sohail. Ahmadi said he searched everywhere for his son, but to no avail. The frantic father said a civilian official told him authorities may have evacuated Sohail by himself since the airport didn’t have the proper resources to care for an infant.

Ahmadi and the rest of his family boarded a flight to Qatar a few days later and eventually ended up in a refugee center at Fort Bliss, Texas. Sohail remains among the missing, but Ahmadi says he hasn’t given up hope of reuniting with his son.

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