Authorities Take Action When Car Ends up Submerged in Niagara River

Authorities Take Action When Car Ends up Submerged in Niagara River

( – Media outlets frequently post dramatic videos of daring rescues by police officers and firefighters. However, there’s a group that all too often gets overlooked — the brave men and women who work for the US Coast Guard. One of its helicopter crews recently conducted a challenging rescue mission in Western New York.

On Wednesday, December 8, Coast Guard authorities received notice of a car partially submerged and at risk of going over the top of the American Falls in Niagara Falls State Park. Rescue workers quickly jumped into action and dispatched a helicopter to the scene.

The crew arrived and found an automobile partially submerged, but still upright, in the Niagara River roughly 100 to 150 yards from the Falls’ edge. A woman who appeared unconscious could be seen inside the car, and rescuers quickly got to work on saving her.

The helicopter lowered a Guard member to the vehicle. Armed with an ax, the rescuer spun several times on the way down due to strong winds.

After circling the vehicle several times, the rescuer was able to grab the open trunk and work towards the passenger side of the car. The rescuer appeared to pry open the dooring using the ax and entered the vehicle. After a couple of minutes, the rescuer emerged with the driver, and both were quickly transferred to land.

Unfortunately, officials pronounced her dead at the scene. Initial reports indicate the woman entered the Niagara River from near a pedestrian bridge. The cause and manner of her death will be determined with an autopsy.

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