Authorities Reportedly Struggle to Handle Drug Use in Washington State

Authorities Reportedly Struggle to Handle Drug Use in Washington State

( – In February, the Washington Supreme Court struck down the state’s drug possession law on constitutional grounds. However, in May, state lawmakers passed new legislation making possession a misdemeanor, but only after offenders receive two warnings from police officers. Drug use and overdoses have reportedly skyrocketed in Washington, forcing law enforcement officials to struggle with finding solutions.

According to a report from The Daily Wire, authorities in the state are finding it difficult to monitor drug users. There’s no statewide database system to monitor the number of warnings issued. That means they have no way of knowing whether to issue a warning or arrest offenders.

Officials are currently considering using the state’s system for tracking traffic tickets and collision reports. Additionally, the Washington State Patrol recently updated its digital monitoring system to include possession warnings, but it remains unclear whether the plan could service smaller police departments.

Lawmakers justified the permissive new law claiming it would serve as a softer, more compassionate approach to drug use and addiction. However, some question whether the new legislation actually achieves that goal. Could the new way of dealing with drug users end up causing more harm than good?

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