Attorney Kevin Morris Testifies in Biden Family Case

Attorney Kevin Morris Testifies in Biden Family Case

( – The House Oversight Committee continues to probe Hunter Biden’s conduct over the last few years alongside the House Judiciary and Ways and Means Committees, fulfilling Republican House members’ 2022 campaign promises to hold the Biden family accountable for their alleged criminal conduct. Those panels recently released a document detailing some of Hunter Biden’s financial activities with one of his attorneys.

Transcript Details Financial Connection

On January 23, the House Oversight Committee released a copy of the transcript of the testimony of Hunter Biden’s attorney, associate, and confidant, Kevin Morris. The 164-page document details the hours-long, grueling questioning of the Hollywood lawyer by lawmakers serving on all three Republican-led committees probing the Biden family’s activities.

Morris revealed that he met Hunter Biden at a 2019 campaign event held at the Los Angeles residence of Hollywood producer Lanette Phillips. Then, Democratic candidate Joe Biden spoke at the gathering, and Morris donated money to assist his effort to win the Democratic nomination.

A week later, Phillips contacted Morris through a mutual acquaintance and asked if he would meet with Hunter Biden to discuss an entertainment issue. It’s not clear what the issue was. Morris recounted going to Biden’s California residence to discuss those issues. The following month, the lawyer started loaning him money without having him sign a formal agreement to repay the money.

Then, in early February, Morris emailed Biden’s advisors and tax accountants, alluding to the considerable risks “we are under” both “personally and politically” to get his tax returns filed. Morris testified that he was talking about Hunter possibly being called to testify in the impeachment hearing against former President Donald Trump.

Morris Loaned Hunter Biden Millions of Dollars

Morris estimated that he eventually loaned Biden more than $5 million to pay off his tax debts and cover some of his personal expenses. He also admitted that he purchased roughly half of the $1.5 million in artwork sold by Biden to help him reduce his debt obligation. Additionally, Morris submitted payments to the mother of Biden’s illegitimate child, Lunden Roberts, and his ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle. Morris testified that helping recovering addicts pay off financial debts is something he always recommends because it helps prevent a possible relapse.

In a stunning admission, Morris testified that he didn’t obligate Biden to repay the loans until 2025, conveniently pushing the matter past the upcoming presidential election. He also indicated that the debt obligation could eventually be forgiven.

Leading Republican Weighs in on Morris Testimony

House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chair Rep. James Comer (R-KY) issued a brief statement about Morris’ testimony. He noted that the lawyer had gained “access to the Biden White House” and spoken directly with the president since he launched his effort to “[keep] President Biden’s son financially afloat.” He vowed the committee would continue to probe the “full scope” of the Biden family’s alleged “corruption.”

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