Assault Victims Want Compensation From FBI

Assault Victims Want Compensation From FBI

( – Special Counsel John Durham continues making headlines for his ongoing investigation into the origins of the FBI’s Trump/Russia probe. At the same time, the FBI finds itself under legal scrutiny after a group of assault victims filed a tort claim against the agency, seeking millions of dollars in compensation.

Media outlets reported that a lawyer representing 13 female victims of former USA Gymnastics national team coach Larry Nassar filed a tort claim against the FBI on Wednesday, April 20. The victims are each asking for $10 million in damages for a combined total of $130 million.

Under federal law, the victims must file a claim with the FBI before initiating court action against the agency. The FBI then has six months to settle or deny the claim, and a lawsuit could follow, depending on the agency’s response.

The New York Times reported that documents filed with the bureau allege the FBI field offices in Indiana and California mishandled reports of Nassar’s sexual abuse of gymnasts under his care. Papers submitted to the FBI by the victims’ attorney claim those failures allowed Nassar to “commit unspeakable… assaults on many victims,” many of them underage.

A July 14, 2021, a report detailing the Justice Department Inspector General’s investigation into the FBI reached a similar conclusion, finding that the bureau’s numerous failures allowed Nassar to continue abusing victims for months. Later that day, the FBI released a statement acknowledging the report’s findings and vowing to take the necessary steps to ensure the agency doesn’t repeat those failures. Similarly, Director Christopher Wray admitted the bureau’s failure to protect victims during Congressional testimony on September 15, 2021.

Nassar is serving a 60-year sentence at a Florida federal prison. If he lives long enough to receive parole in 2068, he has two consecutive sentences to serve in Michigan — one for 40 to 175 years, and the other for 40 to 125.

What do you think? Will the FBI come back with a reasonable enough offer to the victims to avoid a protracted lawsuit?

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