Ashes of Thousands of WWII Victims Discovered Overseas

Ashes of Thousands of Holocaust Victims Found Overseas

Thousands of People’s Remains FOUND – Horrifying Discovery!

( – Polish Parliament established the Institute of National Remembrance in December 1998. Its purpose is to “research and popularize” the country’s history and investigate war crimes committed during the First and Second World Wars through the country’s communist period. The Institute’s Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes (IPN) recently discovered evidence of a World War II genocide.

On July 13, IPN President Karol Nawrocki and Tomasz Jankowski, the head of the GdaƄsk branch, held a press conference to announce the “groundbreaking discovery” of two mass graves containing the ashes of at least 8,000 Poles slain by Nazis during the waning days of the Second World War.

Nawrocki said Nazi troops started excavating and incinerating the bodies in the spring of 1944 to cover up their crimes as the Allies began their final push into German-occupied territories. After they burned the bodies, the Germans pulverized the remains in hopes of avoiding future accountability for their atrocities.

“The cover-up has failed,” Nawrocki proclaimed, due to the IPN’s determination to “search for the victims and heroes of WW2.” He concluded his remarks by vowing the Institute would never allow the memory of a single victim to be forgotten.

What do you think of German efforts to obliterate evidence of the war crimes and the continuing efforts by groups like the IPN to investigate those atrocities decades later?

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