Artist Cancels Trump Art Exhibition After Threats

Artist Postpones Trump Art Exhibition After Threats

( – The recent rise of cancel culture has taken on a variety of forms. For instance, the efforts by big tech companies like Facebook and Twitter to throttle conservative voices have reached previously unimagined heights this year with the suspension of Donald Trump’s accounts. It’s gotten so bad that an artist had to cancel an exhibition due to an onslaught of threatening messages.

Lena Ruseva, a Russian immigrant and painter, recently had to cancel her “Trump: Parallel Universe” exhibition. She scheduled the show to debut on October 8. However, she decided to cancel it after receiving thousands of threats.

Ruseva spoke about the cancellation with New York Young Republican Club (NYYRC) Communication Chair Ian McMath in a YouTube clip posted on October 14. She explained that she shopped around for a gallery to host her exhibition but decided to rent space instead.

According to Ruseva, her problems began shortly after she started promoting her opening on social media sites. After that, she said thousands of threatening messages began streaming in, warning her to leave the country or else. She related that her landlord also received an alarming number of messages.

Ruseva and her landlord contacted the police about the threats. Police officials advised they could station a squad car near the exhibit but didn’t have the resources to take additional measures. In the end, the threats and potential for violent protests became too much, and the artist and her landlord decided to cancel the show hours before its debut.

Ruseva says she isn’t giving up on the exhibition. She’s currently working with the NYYRCs and other groups to find a new venue.

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