Armed Imposter Arrested at RFK Jr. Event

Armed Imposter Arrested at RFK Jr. Event

( – Security is increasingly becoming an issue during campaign cycles as the country remains bitterly divided on political matters. For example, aspiring Democratic presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. faced a potentially volatile situation when his security detail arrested an armed imposter at a recent Los Angeles campaign event.

On September 16, Kennedy posted a statement on his X/Twitter account announcing the arrest of an armed man who attempted to approach him during his appearance at a Hispanic Heritage Foundation campaign event at Los Angeles’ Wilshire Ebell Theatre.

Kennedy explained that “fast-acting” security officers from Gavin de Backer and Associates (GDBA) identified and detained the man. He reportedly carried two loaded pistols and extra ammunition clips in duel shoulder holsters. He also wore a federal identification badge clipped to his belt and a US Marshals Service badge on a lanyard.

The man allegedly identified himself as a member of Kennedy’s security detail upon his arrival at the event. However, armed GDBA guards quickly isolated the man from others and detained him until officers from the Los Angeles Police Department arrived to place him under arrest.

The presidential hopeful also questioned his lack of a protection detail from the US Secret Service (USSS). Kennedy advised that he asked President Joe Biden to allow the USSS to assign him agents. He also claimed he’s the only candidate ever denied protective service after submitting a request to White House officials.

The White House hasn’t explained its purported denial of Kennedy’s request. A USSS guidance published for the 2024 campaign cycle offers some clues regarding possible reasons. First, 18 US Code § 30569(a)(7) only authorizes protection after the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary consults with a Congressional Advisory Committee (CAC) comprised of the Senate majority and minority leaders, the House speaker and minority leader, and one additional lawmaker designated by the others.

Additionally, a USSS detail isn’t authorized more than a year before the general election unless the DHS Secretary and the CAC determine an extraordinary set of circumstances exists based on a formal threat assessment and other factors.

It remains unclear whether an assessment has been completed or if DHS officials have met with congressional leaders on the request. So far, neither entity has made a public statement about USSS protection for Kennedy.

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