Anti-Police Minneapolis Council Members Defeated

Anti-Police Minneapolis Council Members Defeated

( – On Tuesday, October 2, Minneapolis voters rejected a ballot measure to eliminate its police department and replace it with a “public-health oriented” Department of Public Safety. The proposition failed by a margin of roughly 44% to 56%, but the bloodletting didn’t end there.

As it turned out, voters also ousted several city council members who supported the idea of defunding the police during Tuesday’s election. For example, LaTrisha Vetaw handily defeated Phillipe M. Cunningham in Ward 4. Vetaw received 4,391 first-choice votes to Cunningham’s 2,196 in the city’s ranked-choice voting race. Similarly, anti-police candidate Jeremy Schroeder fell to Emily Koski by a margin of 4,049 to 7,789 votes.

The National Fraternal Order of Police offered some insight into the failed movement to defend and dismantle police departments.

Three other candidates who supported replacing the city’s police department lost their election bids, including Kevin Reich from Ward 1 and Steve Fletcher from Ward 3. Voters also eliminated Cam Gordon in the third round of voting for Ward 2.

After more than a year of violence, perhaps it’s more surprising that anyone who wanted to defund the police survived their races at all.

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