Anthony Fauci Suggests He’ll Quit Regardless of Who Wins in 2024

Anthony Fauci Suggests He'll Quit by 2024

Dr. Fauci Planning To QUIT?! – A Shocking Admission

( – In mid-May, during an interview with CNN anchor Jim Acosta, NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci stated he would not stay in his position if former President Donald Trump returned to the White House in 2024. On June 1, during an interview with Fox’s Neil Cavuto, the director further stated that no matter who wins the presidency in the next general election, he doesn’t “foresee” himself doing his current job a few years from now.

Dr. Fauci explained that he’s been in his position for 38 years serving under 7 different presidents, suggesting he’s ready to move on to the next stage in his life. The infectious disease expert started as NIAID director back in 1984 and has been addressing health issues in government ever since.

Although it’s no secret the doctor bumped heads more than once with Trump when he was in office, the former US leader isn’t the reason he will likely step down. During the May interview with Acosta when he was asked if he would serve again under Trump, Fauci chuckled at the idea before answering that he would not.

The CNN anchor tried to get the doctor to speak about the former president’s ability to handle another pandemic like the coronavirus, but he didn’t take the bait. Instead, he said simply said the response was less than optimal.

Would you like to see Fauci step down from his position?

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