Another Member of Alec Baldwin Movie Hospitalized

Another Member of Alec Baldwin Movie Hospitalized

( – Hollywood continues reeling in the wake of the accidental shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of an Alec Baldwin movie. As it turns out, lightning struck the film production twice, this time leaving a crew member hospitalized and fighting for his life.

Lamp operator and pipe rigger Jason Miller was working to close production of the ill-fated movie set when a deadly brown recluse spider bit him. A GoFundMe page set up by family members reported he experienced a severe toxic response to the bite within days. He remains hospitalized for necrosis of an arm, a kind of cell injury that can lead to gangrene, and sepsis, a life-threatening response by the body to a severe infection.

Surgeons have performed daily procedures on his arm as part of an effort to control the infection and save the limb from amputation. Miller’s family noted he would endure a “very long road to recovery” should surgeons save his arm. They wrote that it would be a “devastating event” for him and his family if he ended up losing his limb.

The Miller family set a goal of $5,000 for the fundraiser. As of November 10, the campaign raised over $12,000 from more than 200 donors.

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