Andrew Cuomo Returns – Announces BIG PLAN

Andrew Cuomo To Start PAC and Podcast

Andrew Cuomo To Start PAC and Podcast

( – Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) resigned from his position amid allegations of sexual harassment in August 2021. The politician voluntarily stepped down while denying the accusations, only to recently return to the limelight.

On September 28, Cuomo announced his intention to start a political action committee (PAC), begin a podcast, and launch a gun-related project. He said in a video that he believes the last few months have given him a “new perspective” on the political scene, as well as his own life and other people.

The New Yorker said he’s worried about the current state of the US, and the country needs strong people who will “fight for change” while standing up to the controversy that comes with the job of leading. Cuomo wants to use his voice and new PAC to attract and help elect those people into positions of power. He added in the video that people have been “overwhelmed” due to key issues plaguing the nation like crime, inflation, homelessness, and foreign challenges — but said he believes Americans have what it takes to overcome it.

Regarding his podcast, he intends to be open and truthful about what it was like for him in office and what it takes to do the job. He promised a nonpartisan take on the matter.

The former public servant also spoke about a project he called “Gun Safe America” but gave few other details about the venture. Historically, Cuomo has pushed for stronger legislation concerning gun safety.

What do you think of Cuomo’s initiatives? Do you plan to listen to his podcast?

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