Andrew Cuomo Files Lawsuit Against New York AG

Andrew Cuomo Files Lawsuit Against New York AG

Andrew Cuomo Makes a BOLD Move – He’s Striking Back!

( – In August 2021, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) left his position following a flurry of sexual harassment allegations. A year later, the ex-leader filed a lawsuit with the state’s Supreme Court against NY Attorney General Letitia James (D) for his legal fees. In the filing, Cuomo claims the AG refused to let him use taxpayer funds to defend himself, which he says is against state law.

The former governor said he was entitled to reimbursement for his legal costs under the Public Officers Law PBO § 17-a, as he was in a governmental position at the time of the civil suit. Cuomo maintains his innocence, and apparently, five district attorneys have not found enough evidence to pursue the matter. He alleges since the accusations have “no legal weight,” according to a spoksperson quoted by The Hill, he’s due a reimbursement by the state for his defense expenditures.

The attorney general responded to the suit, saying the politician is simply trying to get the state to foot his legal bills, but New Yorkers shouldn’t have to pay for his alleged antics. However, Fox News reported that Cuomo’s spokesperson said James is “playing political games.”

Do you think the people living in the Big Apple should be responsible for the cost of Cuomo’s defense, or should he have to pay his own legal bills?

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