Andrew Cuomo Accuser Files Criminal Complaint

Andrew Cuomo Accuser Files Criminal Complaint

( – Last week, the clock finally appeared to be running out for New York’s embattled Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo. On August 3, the New York Attorney General’s Office released a scathing investigative report alleging Cuomo sexually harassed/assaulted at least 11 former and current state employees in violation of state and federal laws.

A former Cuomo aide, now identified as Brittany Commisso, filed a criminal complaint against him with the Albany County Sheriff’s department on August 6. The New York AG’s office report identified her as “Executive Assistant #1,” She previously accused Cuomo of groping her while they took a selfie together at the governor’s state residence in 2020.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple met with reporters on Saturday, August 7, to discuss the allegations. According to him, the complaint was both “criminal” and “sexual” in nature. However, the case was in its beginning stages, and he would not be releasing any reports yet.

Sheriff Apple told reporters the complainant and her attorney sat down with his investigators for an hour on Thursday to discuss her allegations.

Asked by reporters about the possible nature of charges facing Cuomo, Apple said from what he had read in the AG report, his office is discussing possible misdemeanor charges. But, as he explained, ultimately, his officers would discuss criminal charges with the Albany County District Attorney’s Office.

Whatever happens with this case, it’s clear Cuomo’s legal problems likely won’t be over anytime soon.

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