Americans Still Afraid of Live Events, According to Poll

Americans Still Afraid of Live Events, According to Poll

( – The New York Times reported on the first confirmed case of the coronavirus on January 21, 2020. Since that time, the country has experienced the effects of its worst health crisis in 100 years and the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s. According to a recent poll, Americans are still afraid of returning to normal.

The Latest University of Maryland – Washington Post Poll

Baseball stadiums from coast to coast opened their gates and welcomed back fans for the season on Thursday, April 1. The Washington Post published a new national sports poll this week detailing Americans’ concerns regarding live sporting events.

Roughly two-thirds of the individuals polled said they were comfortable attending outdoor sporting events like baseball games. However, only about a third of them said they would feel the same about indoor events like basketball.

About 42% of Americans overall said they were okay with attending live-ticketed sporting events in general. Roughly 40% said they didn’t, and 18% said they weren’t unsure.

The poll was conducted from March 12 to 18 using 1,500 adults and has an error margin of +/- 3%.

Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic

Roughly two dozen global leaders, including former President Donald Trump, contracted COVID-19, demonstrating that even the world’s richest and most powerful individuals could fall victim to the pandemic’s grip.

At home, state leaders met the challenge of combating the spreading disease with varying degrees of success and support. California’s Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom is facing a recall election over his botched handling of quarantine restrictions. Andrew Cuomo, New York’s Democratic governor, is under federal investigation for events related to his handling of COVID-19 and nursing homes.

Many Americans find themselves frightened and confused due to conflicting information, shutdowns, and media fear-mongering. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that many Americans are still uncomfortable about attending live sporting events.

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