Americans Say They Want to Work Remotely, According to Poll

Americans Say They Want to Work Remotely, According to Poll

Americans Reveal What They REALLY Want At Work

( – During the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses had to temporarily or permanently close their doors because of protective health measures waged by the government across the nation. According to a recent poll conducted by Axios Harris, a large majority of workers want to continue working remotely even as COVID-19 fears wane.

Some businesses were able to survive by shifting their worker model to embrace their employees working from home — a measure many want to keep.

Axios Harris surveyed many Americans of all generations through the month of March and into the beginning of April. According to the results, a stunning 84% of millennials want the option to work at home, followed by 75% of Gen X, 68% of Baby Boomers, and 66% of Gen Z. That sends a strong message to corporations: if they want to attract the best and keep their companies running, they may need to offer remote work to their employees going forward.

The New York Times reported that employers must attempt to shift their mindset about what working for a company is supposed to look like and shift to a more employee-friendly model. Zach Dunn, an expert on hybrid work, the company office now has to “earn its place” in the employee’s life or they will simply choose another place to work or maybe even a different profession. After over two years of living through a pandemic, peoples’ attitude about where work fits into their lives is in question, with many focusing more on home and family. Does that mean office buildings will become a thing of the past?

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